MagicSpam PRO

Designed for the hosting professional, MagicSpam Professional has all the power of MagicSpam Lite with the added benefit of Outbound Rate Limiting, Advanced Filtering and Email Security features. Choose exactly how you want to handle spam from rejecting, tagging or delivering to the native spam folder. Reject the worst of the spam BEFORE it wastes resources and bandwidth and filter the less obvious spam so your customers can make the final decision. MagicSpam Professional allows you to bundle spam protection with your hosting packages as a value added service for your customers. Let your customer manage their own spam protection settings, view their email statistics and logs via their own MagicSpam interface. Email is one of the most important services that you can offer your customers, make sure they have the best experience possible. Spam protection will lower your support costs and customer churn. With our Email Security options you can also lower the amount of compromised accounts which can be detrimental to you and your reputation. BUY now and install MagicSpam on your server today.